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UFO's in Sedona?

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  • UFO's in Sedona?

    So I ended up on Science Channel last week and caught a show called "Uncovering Aliens" and this one was "The Black Ops Conspiracy" - The entire episode took place in Sedona, Arizona. They were looking for UFOs but most of it seemed to focus on a random black helicopter that flew over that they tried to "follow" - what a joke - either a setup or the luckiest coincidence ever that the helicopter just happened to fly down in the exact same direction as the 4x4 path they were on... If the helicopter went either left or right they'd have been out of luck. As is they could only keep up so far before the landscape prevented them from following any further.

    There theory was this helicopter may be landing on some private ranch the US Government recently purchased. Bradshaw Ranch is fairly famous from being used in various movies and there are local tours but finding GPS coordinates online is seemingly impossible. I know it is somewhere around Loy Canyon, west of Sedona-

    Feel free to have a look yourself- the most telltale sign should be a windmill.

    Needless to say the entire show left me completely unconvinced - in fact I was embarrassed as a believer myself that these people can get a show and make us all look like fools.
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    They say God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona.

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